Astrology ascendant and descendant

They are changeable and can easily adapt to different environments, so they love to travel. They tend to end up in the public eye in some way, although they seem to have retiring personalities. They have psychic abilities and an interest in the occult, strong emotions, and can read others well. They are gentle and pleasant, and act much shyer than they really are. These are family oriented people, who like history and rarely forget anything. They often have round faces moon faces and like all water signs, must watch their weight.

They can easily charm their way into your affections. Leo Rising —Those with a Leo ascendant are forceful, frank, good natured and generous people. They like to be independent and carry themselves with a noble air. They inspire hope and good will among people and are usually likable leaders. They are philosophical and have high ideals, often getting involved in philanthropic work when their sympathies are aroused. They have sunny and passionate natures, and are very demonstrative when interacting with others.

They carry themselves with grace and normally are active in some kind of sport. People with a Leo ascendant normally wear expensive clothes and jewelry. Virgo Rising —A person with Virgo rising is normally a brainy, intelligent one who is rather chatty and can communicate very well with others. They love to learn and have active minds. They are worriers who try to take good care of their health, putting much care into hygiene and seriously researching the kind of diet they eat.

They are hard working and give great attention to details, approaching any project in a very methodical and orderly manner. They are also very modest and thoughtful people. They are cautious and prudent in their own affairs. They are diplomatic, reliable and frugal with money. They put a great amount of forethought into whatever they do. People with this ascendant are usually of medium height, with curious eyes that do not miss much, perhaps wearing glasses. Libra Rising —A Libra ascendant is a dramatic person who loves to be the center of attention.

They are normally easy to get along with, and well liked by others. They show fondness for beauty, art, music, literature, makeup, fashion design, or interior decorating. These people like harmony and peace, and feel more comfortable if surrounded by neatness and order. They are ambitious and like to lead, but do not like to get their hands dirty. They are usually busy social butterflies that love to go out often and be with other people. These people generally have a dimple somewhere not always on the face!

They prefer to do things in partnerships. Scorpio Rising —These people are hard to read, and may seem like they do not really want to be bothered when you first make an attempt to get to know them. They are really sensitive, psychic and serious people, and if they decide to be your friend, will be a very loyal and sentimental one.

They tend to be suspicious and have a sarcastic streak, which can come out as a warped or gallows sense of humor. They are high achievers because they have very strong wills, much determination, and do not like to lose. They love mysteries and make good detectives. Their talents in science and their mechanical abilities make them good doctors, chemists, or contractors. They usually have dark hair, but if they are blond, they will have lots of hair, wearing it long or having facial hair.

Sagittarius Rising —Sag Rising people are independent spirits who are jovial and tend to get along with everyone, as they do not judge people. They are impulsive, outspoken, blunt, and always say what is on their mind. They are interested in learning, and like to study all kinds of religions and other cultures, often traveling to do so. They have good minds and think in a progressive way, normally aspiring to high places in the business and professional world.

These people have a finely tuned sense of justice and are often found as lawyers or judges. Normally they are tall and thin. They have a tendency to be a bit klutzy, and hurt themselves, so need to be careful. Capricorn Rising —These are people who come across as very serious, mature, contemplative and dignified. They are cautious and put much thought into anything before they do it. They are very ambitious and will work hard to reach their lofty goals.

People of this ascendant are normally successful in the business world, as they are organized, persistent, calculating, and have the patience to work on a plan that may take years to accomplish. They finish what they start. They are not demonstrative but care more than you think they do. They are very self-reliant and strong willed. Those of this rising sign often experience many delays and disappointments in life, but have deep inner strength.

Science and religion both interest them. They must get enough calcium in their diets, and frequent exercise, as they often have problems with their knees and bones. Aqurius Rising —These people are the philosophers and philanthropists who always try to think of ways to make the world a better place. They are very intelligent, have strong reasoning abilities, and want to know the true facts when something interests them.

They are sympathetic, active in making reforms in their own lives and others, and have pleasant and generous natures. They have very strong likes and dislikes. Aquarius rising people often are viewed as eccentrics, but usually have ideas that are ahead of their times. We are now beginning to usher in the Age of Aquarius, where everyone will need to take an honest look at the way they live and see that outmoded ideas are no longer working.

All people will need to work together in peace and harmony if our Earth is going to survive, so the next thousand years will be a time of great changes. These people normally have beautiful, unblemished skin, and like to dress in a unique way. Pisces Rising —These lovely souls are the dreamers and idealists, the ones who imagine wonderful scenarios that others cannot. They are modest and a bit timid or shy, so will hesitate before they will approach you. They like art and music, so you can often find them playing in a band or off painting a nature scene. Whatever they see makes a big impression on them.

They do not have a high energy level, so need lots of rest. They can rejuvenate themselves near the water, and like to go swimming, boating or fishing. They like careers where they feel they are helping others. Pisces rising people often have soulful blue or sea green eyes, and like to be secretive and mysterious.


They are great storytellers and make good authors. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. You determine the rising sign by using a mathematical formula. I wrote an article with instructions on how to draw up as an astrology chart, let me see if I can find it for you. If you use that URL, the instructions are there. You can also use an astrology site, but many of them are wrong. If you read the article, you will see that astrology is more complicated then people believe.

It's really only a 5 step math formula. If you don't have the books, there are sites which have tables that can give you the figures you need. And all that work is just to get the chart. It takes hours to interpret it. Then people baulk when astrologers expect to be paid for their work. Blake Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. It's sad how so many misunderstand astrology, and think Sun signs are all that matter. I've written series on Moon signs, Mercury signs, and Venus signs to help with that.

Thanks for your response! Sorry if I came across as rude in the past with some of your other articles. But yes, both modern astrologers and modern readers need to integrate more aspects of astrology than just the superficial side of the Sun signs which while Sun signs are important, there are also missing significant factors as well sich as the other planets, the Houses, and the aspects.

I'm again glad that our athletic side was remembered this time most modern astrologers remember the artistic and performance aspects of the 5th House, but they firget about the financial risk and athletic aspects of it. Thanks again! I never heard of a "weak" ascendant? Where did you hear or read of this? And it would be in relation to the whole Natal Birth chart anyway, which nobody on this site seems to want. I have articles on Sun and Moon signs on Exemplore.

Best Wishes, Jean. I couldn't say it better myself! Computer astrology totally ignores the houses, and you obviously see how important they are. They all have at least 3 or 4 areas of importance, more if you dig deep. It's fun for me, now in these years my audience knows so much more about astrology. Cafe Astrology. Take care. Very true with Leo Rising being involved in sports!

It's a shame that some astrologers often forget about Leo's athletic side which is weird because we rule the 5th House of Hobbies and Sports. March 23 is a little late for Aries, it's usually the 21st at the Spring Equinox or the 22nd. I'd take a guess you are probably Taurus. If you email your B-day and the year you were born, I can tell the Sun Sign for sure. Later in the year sometimes the Sun stays in signs a bit longer, such as the 23rd. Best, Jea. Everytime I read my zodiac Aries rising, March 23, whether daily weekly or yearly it does not resonate.

Should I be reading another sign for Thanks for your kind words, I always get along with Virgos! Sometimes I'm sociable because I have planets in Gemini, other times I retire. Thanks for reading and commenting. I knew I made a good choice following you.. Thanks so much for reading my hubs, and I am glad you are enjoying them! I think Ophiuchus is BS. I don't doubt it's there, but Astrology has been used farther back than Babylonian times, and the constellations and signs don't change.

This came up last Fall when it was decided not sure by who that Scorpios could only be Scorpios if born on about 15 days. Astrology isn't even set up like that, it's a cycle of 30 or 31 days to a sign. A May 4th B-day definitely puts you well into a Taurus Sunsign. My hubby actually has an Aries moon and Mercury, but so far things have been working out OK, the aspects between our planets are good. I'm glad he doesn't have more Aries planets, as it would clash with my Capricorn moon. Take care and stop by my blog if you have time, it has lots of Astrology on it.

I love reading your articles. They are sublime and coherent. So what are your thoughts on the new sign Ophiuchus? I'm a Taurus but now it seems as if May 4 has been branded as Aries but I certainly do not have any Aries traits. Astrology can be a bit convoluted for us novices. Anyway,wish you and your wonderful Taurus hubby many more years of love and romance.

I don't think you would want him to change into an Aries,would you? Well, you will always have the same rising sign, so wherever you go, Pisces will be your rising sign. There are horoscopes called Progressed charts. Pretend you are You would look in an ephemeris to see what signs the planets were in on your birthday. For a Progressed, count down the days to 25 more, or whatever your current age.

They do change a little, but you still have the same basic birth chart all your life. If your Rising is in the late degrees of Pisces, say 28, by the time you were 25 it would be in 23 degrees of Aries. So you would outwardly appear more assertive and independent. But the Pisces is always stronger. Progressed charts show important occasions. My husband and I have them, and you can see exact degrees to Venus at our wedding time. But it's a lot of work, for basically one day.

Hi Jean, Very nice reading.

Asc/Desc Axis and MC/IC axis

I enjoyed it. By birth, I am a Pisces rising but due to relocation, I have now Aquarius rising. So how does it go? What changes should I expect? I am not too computer literate. If you just type in hubpages. There's a hub of the day each day too, it's around there. I think you would do well comparing different decks.

I haven't seen much. I'm reading about Edgar Cayce, Atlantis and Lemuria, so want to mix it up with my Venus in the signs series. I get bored writing 12 hubs about the same planet! The element of the Descendant sign gives valuable information as to attributes we find desirable in a partner as well as elements within our own nature we do not want to own. A fire sign at this point of the chart suggests a need for energy, enthusiasm and inspiration within close links or it can give rise to an impetuous, confrontational or argumentative attitude to others.

An earth sign implies a need for practicality, stoicism and usefulness or it can be intractable, disapproving and controlling.

An air sign can occasion a need for feedback, objectivity and a good flow of ideas or it can induce a restless, overly compromising or indifferent approach. A water sign intimates a need for nurturance, care and support or there could be a somewhat smothering, jealous or impractical stance towards other people. A few examples of each sign will serve to illustrate the possible import of each Descendant sign. Aries engenders a potent need to find self in others as with this Descendant, relationships tend to be very much connected to self-image.

Often, they are seen as an adventure and so an active, assertive partner is likely to be sought. On the other hand, aggressive or egotistical feelings can be credited to others. With Leo, the need for loyalty, creativity, fun and passion is accentuated, but arrogance, self-importance or pride may be projected too. Free-spirited links can be attracted with Sagittarius. With the Descendant here, few emotional demands may be placed on the partner but attributes of recklessness or extremism could be ascribed to others.

Taurus looks for security, assurance and stability. It wants to establish firm links built on practical values, but obstinacy, possessiveness and laziness can arise in associations too. One of the main themes with a Virgo Descendant is a tendency to look to others for the perfection perceived as lacking in self. At the same time, there is a need to be of service to others, though there can be an extremely critical response if personal expectations are not met. Others can be approached in a responsible and conscientious manner with Capricorn, but the desire for commitment and respect can incline to dominate relationships.

Gemini accords a need for variety and versatility and so a vibrant yet self-sufficient partner is likely to be preferred. Others can be charged with being inconsistent or superficial. With a Libra Descendant, the need to share the life with another is paramount as is the urge for fairness and justice in relationships. However, self-projection can unbalance equanimity. Aquarius confers a need for the unusual and so tends to attract interesting, surprising and out-of-the-ordinary relationships.

At the same time, the desire for freedom space and latitude implies waywardness, insensitivity or eccentricity could be projected on to others. Cancer searches for emotional surety, comfort and nourishment from others but personal needs can be cast on to a partner. With a Scorpio Descendant, relationships can be viewed as a vehicle for transformation and as a process wherein deep change can take place.

However, others may be perceived as suspicious, secretive or vengeful. Relationships can sometimes be challenging with Pisces as gullibility or escapism can occur. However, they incline to be approached with compassion, idealism and great sensitivity too. As with all Astrological configurations, delineation is a complex matter — planets in the first or seventh house, all aspects to either side of this axis and to their rulers all have to be taken into consideration in order to get a full and clear picture regarding personal connections.

In particular, it is important to note that any planet s closely conjunct the Descendant can subtly shape relationship matters in accord with the nature of the planet involved. For example, to individuals with the Sun here, relationships give their life significance and purpose but they can tend to give their power to other people or make them the focal point of their life.

With the Moon emotional comfort and assurance will be sought and given through close links. Mercury here suggests a strong need for close communication and exchange of ideas. Venus indicates tremendous value is placed on relationships and Mars at this point implies they can be exciting and invigorating — or combative. Jupiter suggests links with those of a different culture religion or educational background could be meaningful whilst Saturn could grant a sense of responsibility in relationships or a fear of being controlled.

The outer planets so placed have a powerful impact too — Uranus looks to others to bring a spirit of unconventionality, Neptune can confer a spirit of idealism or confusion and Pluto can provoke a sense of intensity and renewal. Being one of the angles of the chart, the Descendant is an extremely powerful point — particularly so in the study of synastry.

As the counterpart to the Ascendant it indicates where we may need to achieve a fresh perspective. In other words, this axis refers to the measure of assurance and awareness that is needed in order to sustain balance and equilibrium in our links with other people. In other words, the test of the Descendant is the gaining of unity and true accord — to attain an equal concern for self and for the significant other.

The Axis In Astrology

The signs of the zodiac containing the angular points at the time of birth are very important in astrological interpretation because the power of inner self- perception, outer self-projection is determined by the angular line of force between the IC, MC axis. The MC is the first point of outer-awareness. It represents the energy of the conscious mind — the ego. Depending on how you express the qualities of the sign on your MC depends on whether you will achieve your desire in the outer world. The IC is the first point of inner-awareness; otherwise known as the id. The id is the primitive inborn personality, the source of all desires and it relates to your roots and early beginnings.

Such an idyll cannot last. The ego MC develops defence mechanisms to manage unresolved conflicts between the demands of the id IC and the expectations of the external emotional world. The child grows up frightened of its own capacity for rage and anger because it never had the chance to express it and regulate it of its own accord when it was young.

As an adult, such a person will have difficulty in modifying the inner-selves anti-social feelings and sensations with the outer-selves social expectations between themselves and other people, especially when there is real anger and frustration around them. Such a person will have great difficulty in forming well-rounded relationships. Added to this, such a person will occasionally become enraged for an apparently trivial reason because the repressed frustration becomes too much for the ego.

This can shame the ego and confirm the need for further repression. The point on the MC is opposite the point on the IC. This southern highest point is also known as the Medium Coeli, or MC for short. The Midheaven is the entrance to the tenth house and relates to your career, reputation and social standing. These are your most visible achievements in the eyes of the world.

This will guide you to your professional achievements and responsibilities. Your highest aspirations in life. Your Midheaven Sign should give you some insight into what you need to realize your full place in life. You also must consider any planets that may be found in your ninth and tenth houses; they will modify the end results and make a difference in what career you ultimately choose and how successful you will be.

By focusing on your MC, you can refocus on your ideal. Coupled with your natural talents and inclinations, you should eventually find your place in the world and become re-energized. You can also use your Midheaven Sign to understand your personal and spiritual goals. You can gain insight into why you react the way you do to stressful situations. Being social is different for everyone. The MC can help you learn to trust your best social qualities to cultivate. It will show you how others perceive you. Aries is ruled by Mars, and the ruler of the 1st House of Your Identity. Aries in the 10th allows you to make your career and public image your bitch.

Your identity directly correlates with your ability to cultivate a successful career. You might wonder who you even are with no workplace recognition. You are a go getter, and a fighter, and have the energy to sustain a career for the long hall. Though you might get bored and rage-quit at any given moment, you will always find your independence out in the world. Taurus in the 10th gives you a stable career, with the longevity to evolve and still be seen in a good public light.

You enjoy money and so you work only to afford those comfortabilities that you so desperately crave. Anything added to that, might seem like an extra bonus, but not something you are willing to work overtime for. You tend towards laziness, and would prefer to work in your pajamas, but can rise to the occasion whenever you are needed. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and the ruler of the 3rd House of Community and Communication. Gemini in the 10th is all about finding your voice in public—as you probably never had much luck speaking your mind in other aspects of life.

You have savvy communication skills in the workplace and can pretty much own anyone publicly with your rhetoric. You tend to be a little bi-polar there, and may find it hard to keep a job for too long. You thrive in fast-paced environments. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the ruler of the 4th House of Home. Cancer in the 10th believe that the world is their home, their stage, and the place where they feel the safest. This can actually make your career life unstable, as you put too much emotional energy into a place that really hates emotion and vulnerability. You are very psychic and instinctual and are probably adored by all who work with you—as long as your sad days are kept to a minimum.

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Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the ruler of the 5th House of Pleasure and Children. Leo in the 10th enjoys being the dramatic child in all aspects of their career and public life. You probably have very strong ambitions that correlate with your own ego drives, and will do what it takes to get what you want. Katy Perry is my favorite example, with all of her colors and spectacles. You will always treat your coworkers and adoring fans, as best friends.

Behavior of the Descendant Aries

You love drama, and thrive in a place where you can be the center of attention and also have a ton of fun in the process. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the ruler of the 6th House of Routine and Health. You like to leave no stone unturned, and are often considered to be very intelligent and scholarly.

People you work with enjoy your wit and your attention to detail. The workplace tends to need people like you, and you love to be needed in the workplace. Libra is ruled by Venus, and the ruler of the 7th House of Partnerships. Libra in the 10th values partnerships, and working with other people—only if everyone is sharing the workload.

You will never be okay with being condescended or looked down on at work—as everything needs to be fair. A lot of you like to strike up romantic relationships with superiors. No matter what you choose to do in life, you will definitely be the most attractive and cordial person around. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars, and the ruler of the 8th House of Power. Scorpio in the 10th really want to get ahead in life, and will seemingly do what it takes, but not without a lot of setbacks. There will be a lot of pain and chaos that comes with your career and public image, and you will have to learn how to work through it all, and not around it.

You will find your role in the world, and with it will also come the power and control that you crave. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and the ruler of the 9th House of Knowledge and Belief. Sagittarius in the 10th want to teach the world everything they know. You have a strong desire to expand not only the minds of others, but your own influence as well. This causes a lot of Sagittarius Midheavens to desire the fame that comes with being seen by many.

Capricorn in the 10th want stability as well as power and influence over the masses. Work and discipline are needed, and a straightforward approach to your career, with no holds barred will get you to your destination. All it takes is that original idea and the belief in yourself as a change-maker and you will be able to rally people together to fight with you and for you. You might start off a little wild seeming, but as you mature everyone starts to realize how truly strong you are, and how admirable your desire is to work for the greater good of men.

Pisces in the 10th are chameleons and can fit into any situation. You can have a few public downfalls here and there, as your blind optimism about your public life, can get you into some awful situations. Sun in the 10th House: Your ego seems to be consistently hurt, and it might seem that making a name for yourself out in the world is the best way to fix it. You are not confident by nature, but you are a hard-worker and very good at completing what you start, and you do believe in your abilities. You work meticulously on your career as if your life depends on it. This does not mean that you crave fame, by any means.

You crave stability and respect from people, as you may not have gotten it in your home, unless you were performing or working for your family. Some people with this placement believe that they are inherently lazy, which can be true if aspected by Neptune, but you are never without a purpose in your mind of where you should be. The Sun shines the brightest in the 10th, you just might need some time to build up your life, before you get to the recognition you so desire.

Moon in the 10th House: Your mother might have worked a lot, or you saw her as the one who took care of business and paid the bills. Your father was either MIA, or more of the stay-at-home type—yes both extremes can play out here. People might find you to be dramatic and overly-sensitive, which is great if you are an actor, but not so great for the or fast paced environment.

The moon is moody, and in the House of your career, will make your career life moody or unstable as well—you will most likely have many different careers in your lifetime. Learning to balance your career life with your emotional life is an important obstacle that you will eventually overcome. Mercury in the 10th House: You pretty much will lead the way in any career you choose, with your expansive mind and proficient communication skills.

You tend to gravitate toward a profession where you can analyze, organize and speak freely. Public relations, public speaking, and careers that keep expanding your mind or allow you to work with your hands, will bring you the most happiness. Venus in the 10th House: Venus in the 10th is blessing on your career and public image. You will want a career where you can work in harmony with other people—you tend to despise drama, but will engage in it if someone directly dismisses your abilities.

A career where you get dirty or are forced to wear an ugly uniform is not for you, and can lower your self-esteem, as you may have been an ugly duckling growing up, and now have a choice in the way you look. Mars in the 10th House: Mars in the 10th will demand authority, even if no one is trying to take it from them. You are in competition at all times for the top spot in your career and will sometimes take it before asking, which can get you in trouble. You consider yourself to be an opportunist, though others may see you as a bully. Having Mars in your 10th could be the result feeling put down by many people as a child, and deciding that you would never allow anyone to do that again, so it can be a little overcompensating.

Be careful not to blame the authority figures in your adult life, for hurting you in your childhood. Mars is actually pretty happy in the 10th, when you can learn to tame the beast within, and allow your ambition to come shining through at the right times. Jupiter in the 10th House: This is not considered the luckiest placement, though it seems that many people with an extreme amount of fame have this: Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Steve Jobs, etc. The downside of Jupiter in the 10th obviously being that you are always under a microscope no matter what public position you hold, the upside is that if you live life well and full, you will continue to grow happily in the public eye.

You may feel that you are a late bloomer, but if you allow yourself to stick it out and work steadily, there will be no stopping you. A lot of Saturn in the 10th natives seem to be overtly sexual, as if they are trying to push past their public restriction, and you know, they probably grew up too soon.

Your resilience in whatever career you choose and not avoiding your lessons, no matter how embarrassing they might be, will show your strength and unrivaled ambition. You could lie about yourself on social media, because you feel that if you can make someone believe something about you, the power of attraction will make it so.

When you see that, you will learn how to make the correct changes to yourself not just for creative expression, but also personal betterment and to the world as we know it. Neptune in the 10th House: Speculation about your career is a common game people play: Did she or did she not sleep with the boss to land her position? This can also work in your favor, as most people are expecting you to project yourself one particular way, and fail to see your next move completely. In your own career life, you can feel lost and directionless. Your public image could go through a severe death, but will get miraculously brought back to life, in a different place and time.

Since the 10th house is cultivated around 7 years old, you could have decided at a young age that you would one day own an empire, and are now waiting impatiently for that time to come where you get to own your power over the masses.

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The IC is an oft neglected though extremely important point in the horoscope. It is the position in space where the meridian intersects the ecliptic in the north, and it falls exactly opposite the Medium Coeli which is usually known as the MC or Midheaven. The fourth house is the part of the chart that is concerned with home and family — not only the immediate family and surroundings in the present life, but also in a broader sense to your place in the overall scheme of things. It denotes the direction from which you are coming — heritage, home environment, cultural traditions and family influences.

In the natural wheel, Cancer is on the cusp of this house, and so it is evident that issues concerning emotional wellbeing, comfort, sustenance and protection will be dominant themes here. The sign and house placement of its natural ruler, the Moon, should therefore be carefully examined. Nevertheless, the majority of charts are likely to have a different sign on this cusp. The MC is where the midday Sun falls and as such is the most public and outwardly observable part of the horoscope.

It signifies your public life and community participation, social standing and career as well as material ambitions, life direction, and aspirations. The IC being directly opposite is where the Sun falls at midnight. It is at the very base of the chart, and as such is the most subjective personal point indicating the basic inner disposition — what might be described as the psychological and emotional foundation of your being. The IC is said to be the most personal and enigmatic part of the horoscope and the least conscious part.

It also describes the deepest motivations, family conditioning and inheritance, and the innermost feelings.